Frequently Asked Questions

( Updated April 15, 2024) 

1. Combine Order: Yes, we are always happy to combine orders when we can, but we cannot guarantee them to always be combined due to other orders already being processed. 

2. Why didn't I receive an order confirmation? : Your email address was either missing or incorrectly inputted during checkout. Email us to resend your confirmation email. 

3. Local Pick Up: Yes, we offer local pick up. Please email us for further. 

4. Free Shipping: We apologize, but we do not offer free shipping at this time. 

5. Food Grade Silicone: Yes, we have changed suppliers, enabling our silicone to be used for freshies, soaps, waxs, resins, epoxy, plasters, etc - including being Food Safe As Well. ( listings will be updated soon)

6. What do you sell?: We sell freshies supplies & more - Silicone Molds, Unscented and Scented Aroma Beads, Glitters, Micas, Poly Bags, Fringe, Hair Feather Extensions, and more :)

7. Do you ship internationally? : Yes, we do. Please email us if you have any issues. 

8. What days are you Tiktok Live: Currently every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9 PM CST. ( Please refer to TT Linktree if ever unsure or changes)

9. What shipping carriers do you use?: USPS and/or UPS

10. Accept Returns?: Please refer to our policy section

11. Cancellations?: Please refer to our policy section

12. Damaged Package: Please refer to our policy section 

13. I didn't purchase Route Insurance on my order, but I have an issue w/ my order. What do I do now?: Please refer to our policy section first, and if you still need assistance, please email us anytime.

14. Do you have two websites?: Yes, we have an Etsy & Shopify ( Shopify has all of our products- Etsy will be updated soon)  

( Updated May 2024) 

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