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Create Your Own Sparkle Mix

Create Your Own Sparkle Mix

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Your Sparkle Mix = Up to 5 Colors

| | Create Your Own Sparkle Mix | | 


Here at GlitznGlam7 let us help create your very own custom sparkle mix, and watch it made live from Tiktok or choose to have it made off live !!!


~ Important Ordering Steps Below ~ 


How it works: 

1. Place your order on  (VERY IMPORTANT Read Below ) 

~ Customer has option to have glitter made on or off TikTok lives as if one chooses to have it done live - ONE COULD BE POSSIBLY WAITING LONGER PERIODS OF TIMES BEFORE YOUR ORDER IS COMPLETED & SHIPPED. ( No exact timeframe, but could be several days based on when order is placed and/or when we go live on Tiktok )  

2.   Leave note at check out of important details of your mix:

~  The specific glitter names you would like to use in your mix, the name of your mix and/or if you want to have it mixed on or off live .

( If no name, a blank GNG7 Glitter Label will be provided for you along w/ your order ) 

~ Custom Sparkle Mixes can have up to maximum 5 glitters in it, all equal parts for a 2 oz shaker ~


3. Watch your custom sparkle mix come to life during one of our Tiktok lives!


Please note: GlitznGlam7 does not offer exclusive glitter mixes at this time, as we reserve the right to offer any custom mixes publicly if GNG7 highly seeks after your lovely mix. <3 

 We are live every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday at 9 PM CST, but subject to change. Please refer to our Linktree on our Tiktok for the most up to date TT schedule for reference.

Please note due to order volume at certain times, we cannot guarantee which day your order will be made, but we can mix them off live if you request it inside your note left at checkout  w/ what colors you'd like. 


GlitznGlam7 TikTok Link:


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